GV2016_1Sexual violence is a form of gender-based violence and it affects women disproportionately. Though Hong Kong is known as one of the safest city, figures showed that 1 in 7 women in Hong Kong have experienced sexual violence. Sexual violence is an issue that should be brought to light. This exhibition aims to arouse public concern towards the issue by displaying four artworks on sexual violence:


The Heels’ Story
There is an old saying: “Don’t judge a man until you walked a mile in his shoes.” 

Sexual violence is always considered as “women’s issue” and men are absent in anti-sexual violence campaigns. In order to engage men to join the anti-sexual violence campaigns, Anti480 adopted the idea of “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” and used “heels” as a tool in campus education, inviting male staudents to walk in heels as to understand the female’s experience and open discussion on sexual violence.

“Walk in heels” activity successfully gained the attention of the students and enabled them to understand and respect the difference betweeen genders. Anti480 then expanded the use of heels in community education program, including launching “Heels X Sexual Violence” Street Exhibition and “Walk In Her Shoes” Charity Walkathon. In addition to connect a crowd of men to support anti-sexual violence campaigns, the “high heels men” also arouse the public to concern more about the violent behaviours that caused by disrepect of gender boundaries.


【Ngai】 Can Can Kwok



CanCan Kwok,a local young artist,She would like to rethink the inevitable relation between sexual violence and clothing, as well as to explore the relationship between "to pry" and "being pried" through her artwork《 Ngai》.



Rapism】 Chan Wing Yi, Tiff

“Rapism = being force to do something you are not willing to do.
This series of artwork illustrate the inner feeling of the victims from sexual harrassment and rape. They felt like part of their bodies no longer belong to themselves, and being separated from the society.They lost their linkage to the society and hard to love others”



 “If I Were”  Dr. Phoebe Man


Rapes in war is one of the major issues of sexual violence. Sexual atrocities were repeatedly committed during the recent civil wars in Libya and Congo. Raping women is even treated as a weapon to attack the morale of the enemy. Another typical case has to do with Japan. The Japanese government still denies having committed the crime of forcing women to be comfort women during the Second World War. There is a government official defended the crimes, arguing that such a sexual exploitation system was necessary at that time and women had volunteered themselves to be comfort women. “Comfort women” are even used as mocking words. Comments that rationalize atrocities committed and show no respect to victims are still found. Phoebe Man believes education and knowledge can change people’s way of thinking. Through conducting workshops with Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation, she introduced and discussed the issue, released and refreshed young minds on the issue of comfort women by means of creative activities and to trigger a rethink on the current situation in the society. In the workshop, participant were asked if s/he were a Japanese soldier who is in power on another women, a comfort women who wants to express her views on misconception and a spectator who witnesses a comfort women is excluded from her family, what will s/he do? The workshops were held in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The art works of the participants were shown in the exhibition “Art as Social Interaction -- Hong Kong/Taiwan Exchange”. The exhibition invited audience to participate in the exhibition by making art works or giving feedback on the exhibited works, to reaffirm our commitment to protect human rights of women and clarifying our opposition to sexual violence.




The Exhibition was launched on 3/3 night. We are honor to have Prof. Paul Rock, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, LSE to give a speech on the issue. We are also delighted to have Dr. Phoebe Man to share her view after the screening of her work "If I were".